by Juliette Laura February 12, 2021 2 min read

Valentine’s day can be cheesy, and it probably isn’t a surprise that here at Spruce we are not a fan of cellophane wrapped plastic boxes of chemical laden chocolates, and teddy bears with red noses that will ultimately end up in the back of a closet, or a landfill. The commodification of love is… shady, to say the least. HOWEVER that being said, we LOVE love. And these days, we all need a little extra love. Whether that is a thoughtful gift under $30 from Spruce, or a kind gesture, let's all spread a little extra love this weekend!

- Call and check in with a loved one, or a long distance friend today!

A cedar smudge to cleanse the air, eco-friendly barrettes for your bestie, a nourishing terrazzo soap for the front line worker who needs a tender touch, a bath soak for your neighbor, and a crystal with good intentions.

- Hold the door for everyone, and smile through your mask. You never know what strangers are going through.

Swap out your heart shaped box with sickly sweets for our favorite - Mast ChocolatesThese flavors are elegant, from Olive Oil to Oat Milk, Lavender to Raspberry, there is something for everyone. And at $3 a pop for the minis? This is the perfect valentine for sending love to EVERYONE. Your barista, your dog walker, your virtual yoga instructor, and all of your co-workers.

- Pay it forward! Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in line.

vibe for personal and partner playcharming cards to scribble love notes in, more barrettes (one can never have too many accessories), and a  nourishing lip treatment.

- Donate to the West Seattle food bank! This winter has been hard on everyone, and community care is so important. 

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Recycling Your Spruce Products

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Did you know? +10% off!
Did you know? +10% off!

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