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Hair Butter

1 oz or 4 oz

Handcrafted hair butter of the best kind! This decadent butter is an amazing restorative treatment for all hair types, especially after damage from weather and styling. Containing onlysix natural ingredients, this carefully curated formula was made to deliver moisture to your scalp, deep condition strands, and reduce hair breakage without leaving your hair feeling heavy. This is a massive favorite of the curly-haired members of our Spruce Team!

#SpruceApproved:Black-owned. Brooklyn-based. Small business. Handmade. All-natural. Fully organic. Vegan. Cruelty-free. Completely non-toxic. Safe enough to eat! [Though we don’t recommend this ;)] Naturally fragranced. 


Designed to work as a pre-shampoo mask or post-wash conditioner. This butter cocktail also works great for everyday use to control frizz and restore hair luster without leaving a greasy residue.


Herbal. Beach vacation.


COCOA + SHEA + MANGO BUTTERS: deliver outstanding softness and hydration without weighing down hair
ROSEMARY-INFUSED GRAPESEED OIL: permeates scalp to promote thicker, stronger hair growth
COCONUT + JOJOBA OILSL: impart lasting strength and moisture to each strand of hair


    Mango Butter, Cocoa Butter, Jojoba Oil, Coconut Oil, Rosemary Grapeseed Oil Infusion.

    Note: Because TBK does not use stabilizers, the hair butter may arrive to you as a liquid or melt in higher temperatures. Not to worry! Pop the jar in the fridge or freezer, and it will be good as new. You can also use it in its liquid form by dipping a comb or other applicator into the jar to help you distribute it throughout your hair. The butter is good for 8 months and because it is handmade, its appearance may change slightly between batches. Rest assured that the same quantity and quality of ingredients go into each batch, so you can expect the same results every time.

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