by Juliette Laura August 07, 2020 2 min read

We are proud to now be carrying L.A. based beauty, wellness, and lifestyle line: MOON JUICE.
“Moon Juice bridges the world of alchemy and biology for functional benefits. Everything we make is inspired by a need; either it isn’t being made, or there isn’t a version to my standard of efficacy or purity” - Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder
Improve energy, mood, and focus with this clinical strength
blend of four potent adaptogenic herbs that help regulate
cortisol to reduce the effects of stress.
Ashwagandha - helps regulate cortisol,
reduce stress-related weight gain, helps
enhance focus and mental stamina,
and reduce irritability.
Shatavari - supports healthy hormonal
balance and a healthy libido
Rhodiola - “the brain root” helps reduce
fatigue and increase alterness
Amla - antioxidant rich, help combats
oxidative stress and supports
cardiovascular function.
This master antioxidant formula works to protect from
accelerated aging while promoting collagen production,
elasticity, and cell vitality.
Glutathione - helps maintain healthy cell
function, and potentiates Vitamin C & E.
Vitamin C & E - regenerative antioxidants,
heal previous sun damage, and
improve collagen production
Astaxanthin - a powerful antioxidant,
helps improve elasticity and reduce
the appearance of fine lines.
Silica - an essential mineral for collagen
and elastin production
Schisandra - an adaptogen traditionally
used for hydration and skin clarity.
Promotes healthier, thicker, stronger hair. SuperHair 
supports hair health with a multivitamin, adaptogens, 
botanicals, and micronutrients.
Multivitamin - 15 bioavailable vitamins to support
your nutritional baseline and promote a healthy
environment for hair growth
Ashwagandha - reduces stress and regulates
cortisol levels
Saw Palmetto - a bioactive rich extract, and
helps inhibit DHT - a hormone which can
lead to hair loss and damage.
Kelp - rich in iodine and supports endocrine
and thyroid hormone balance - imbalance
can contribute to hair loss.
Collagen Protect
Protects and preserves your natural collagen. 
A vegan creamer and skin supplement formulated 
to help minimize fine lines and hydrate skin from the 
inside out. Helps strengthen hair and nails.
Silver Ear Mushroom - supports the skin barrier,
delivers deep hydration, and is one of the only
vegan sources of Vitamin D.
Tocos - bioactive and rich in essential fatty
and amino acids, helps protect collagen
and prevent visible signs of aging.
Hyaluronic Acid - clinically proven to increase
skin moisture and reduce the appearance of
fine lines and wrinkles. Supports
collagen synthesis.
Restore cellular balance for relaxation, 
brain health, and sleep.
Magnesium - a blend of 3 highly bioavailable
forms to create a time release effect.
Supports relaxation, brain health, and
healthy bowel movements.
L-theanine - promotes alpha wave activity
in the brain. Alpha waves are present in
meditation and flow state. This amino acid
has both long and short term benefits.
It supports brain function, healthy cognitive
aging, and can have mood altering effects
within 20 minutes.

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