by Juliette Laura June 30, 2020 2 min read

A big misconception is that quality, clean, luxurious skincare is not accessible. We believe that healthy skincare is for EVERYONE. This is one of the reasons we opened Spruce! So that anyone can walk into our shop or browse our online store and find something that suits their unique skincare needs and their budget.
Here are 24 non-toxic products under (or juuuuust over) $30- these make up a COMPLETE skin and body care routine:
CLEANSE: Botnia Skincare Balancing Oil Cleanser $24
DOUBLE CLEANSE: Moon Juice Milk Cleanse Gentle Foaming Cleanser $32
CLEANSING BRUSH: Cleansing Facial Brush $26
EXFOLIATE: Noto Botanics Resurface Scrub $31
MASK: Alder New York Clarifying Mask $6
TONE: Ursa Major Essential Face Tonic $26
TREAT: Osea Malibu Essential Corrective Complex $32
SERUM: Salt and Stone Anti Oxidant Facial Oil $32
MOISTURIZE: Ursa Major Fortifying Face Balm $36
SPF: Sundaze Skincare C-Shells SPF 30 $32
SHAVING: Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream $24
BATH: Daughter of the Land Restore Bath Soak $7 - $33
BODY WASH: Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash $8 - $30
BODY CREAM: Botnia Skincare Body Cream $30
DEODORANT: Salt & Stone Vetiver + Lemongrass Natural Deodorant $18
LIP SPF: Salt and Stone SPF30 Lip Balm $5
LIP BALM: The Best Kind Lip Butter $4
LIP TREATMENT: H is For Love Palmarosa Lip Conditioner $22
LIP COLOR: Noto Botanics Multi Benne Lip and Cheek Stain $18.5
ORAL CARE: Davids Natural Spearmint Toothpaste $10
HAIR TREATMENT: The Best Kind Hair Butter $10 - $18
DRY SHAMPOO: Lulu Organics Geranium Hair Powder $12
HAIR BRUSH: Poketo Circle Comb $18
HAND SOAP: Botnia Gentle Hand Soap $32

And since we know you are all here for more than just your skin and body care, here are 6 sustainably and ethically made lifestyle products under $30 (hint hint, these make great gifts):

CANDLES: Norden Goods Glass Candles Vik and Topanga $30
TOTE: Baggu Reusable Tote $12
SIP: Porter Ceramic and Silicone Mug $25
DRINK: Golde Turmeric Matcha Tonic $29
WEAR: Intentionally Blank Slogan Baseball Cap $30
SPRAY: Catherine Rising High Wood Room Spray $32

Of course, you can always reference this list, but our library of products is ever-changing and growing weekly. Be sure to check out the UNDER $30 category in our shop!

Happy Shopping!


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