by Juliette Laura November 29, 2019 2 min read

Introducing; curated Spruce gift sets. We are so excited to share these with you. We have intentionally hand selected best sellers and staff favorites and paired them into gift sets that are perfect for EVERYONE on your list. All of the gift sets have (on average) a 10% discount associated with them, so you save money, as opposed to purchasing the items separately!

And maybe most importantly, they are all in compostable packaging. No single use plastic! The cellophane is corn based, and can be thrown into compost. The crinkle paper is recyclable and compostable. And the ribbon is a compostable cotton ribbon made with a soy based ink.
The Bestie Set - $20
A single use face mask, our favorite lip balm, and a BAGGU!
The perfect affordable gift for EVERYONE. Your dog walker, your yoga instructor, your kid's teacher, everyone in book club, and your favorite barista.
The Cozy Home Set - $45
A locally made candle, and a ceramic match striker.
This + a bottle of wine = the perfect hostess gift!
The Detox Kit - $48
A detoxifying and rejuvenating bath soak, and a week of detox ampoules.
A perfect gift set for the friend that never says no to an extra glass of wine...
The Unisex Dopp Kit - $58
A BAGGU dopp kit stuffed with clean essentials; our best selling non-toxic deodorant, a single use face mask, our favorite face wipes and a recycled comb.
The Seaweed Body Set - $88
Our most luxurious gift set, your skin will feel like butter after using this mineral rich body scrub and body oil.
Maybe send your partner a photo of this one as a little *hint hint*...
The Everyday Set - $38
Two of our best selling items; a locally made Particle Goods candle and an Everyday Oil, the perfect gift for everyone and everything.
The Glow Set - $98
The Propolis Mask by H is For Love; this mask purifies, regenerates, and brightens skin. This is one of our top sellers here at Spruce! Paired with a mask bowl, as part of our collaboration with Beau Rush Ceramics, as well as a mask brush. This elevates the experience as well as ensures even application! This is the perfect gift for your lover, your best friend, your mum, your sister, whoever you are trying to get a little extra love to...
Home & Hand Kit - $45
An essential oil based candle and non toxic hand lotion. (you might just want one for them and one for you)
The Selfcare Set - $45
The best winter skin remedy; A dry brush to stimulate the lymphatic system and clear away dead skin, and body lotion to hydrate.
Max Relax Kit - $55
CBD infused bath soak and CBD chocolate, what more could you ask for? Perfect for the hard worker, who needs a little extra relaxation, like your sister the teacher, and your brother in law the bartender!

The Ritual Set - $48
A festive pine smudge, an energy clearing atmosphere mist, and a ritual plate from our collaboration with local ceramicist Beau Rush. This has the biggest markdown of all our sets, and would usually retail for $78! Perfect for the new homeowner, the hostess, or that friend that needs a little extra good energy.

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