Spruce Fall Faves!

Spruce Fall Faves!

As the seasons change, often times so does our skincare and wellness needs. As we begin to welcome the transition from summer to fall, your skin and body may need some slight adjustments in your routine and rituals to maintain healthy and radiant skin, as well as overall well-being. Our beautiful Spruce team is sharing some of their Fall favorites as we all begin to navigate the colder months together.


Jenn, Co-Owner of Spruce Apothecary -

"I’ve been loving the Ursa Major Mountain Glow serum, and will definitely continue into the fall and winter. It’s a gentle but powerful 'super serum' and is deeply hydrating, repairs the skin barrier, and contains vitamin A, C and E. Mountain Glow Serum evens out my skin tone, and makes it incredibly luminous. I’m obsessed! I also focus on immunity with the season change, and incorporate more tinctures and teas. The new Wooden Spoon Herbs Immune Toddy is going to be my staple for fall."



Tiann, Co-Owner of Spruce Apothecary -

"I welcome Autumn every year with open arms, happily wearing my sweater & beanie while sipping my herbal tea! I like to add Activist Manuka Honey in for a touch of sweetness and immunity support. You can also use the honey as a mask treatment or face wash to support your skin's microbiome with the healing properties of this wildcrafted honey. I have been really loving the Living Libations Best Skin Ever Frankincense Oil. I like that it can be used as an oil cleanser or simply to moisturize your skin (face+body). It has such a lovely earthy aroma profile which reminds me of the essence of Fall. My skin tends to feel a bit more dry as we come out of summer and this oil has been deeply balancing and nourishing."



Sam, Spruce Holistic Esthetician -

"For Fall, I recommend (& personally love!) like the Marie Veronique Multi Retinol Night Emulsion. Due to the lack of sun exposure, Fall and Winter are great times to introduce retinol into your routine. The Multi Retinol Night Emulsion is the first truly effective clean and Microbiome friendly replacement for Rx retinoids. With its specific formula, it is a much stronger age-delayer than what you’d get from a higher percentage of retinol without the irritations that accompany it while restoring healthy skin functions. I also love the Hazeltine Riverdaze candle for fall. It’s warm and cozy and just sets the house up for fall vibes."



Iza, Spruce Holistic Esthetician -

"Fall is by far my favorite season but unfortunately my skin usually doesn’t enjoy it as much as I do. As summer turns to fall and the temperature begins to get cooler, my skin begins to get dry and dull. This is when my skincare fall favorites make their way back into my routine! When my face is feeling sad and dull, Marie Veronique Probiotic + Enzyme Mask helps bring luminosity and much needed hydration back to my skin. For an extra boost of moisture I like to use Botnia Hydrating Serum. Hyaluronic acid is a great fall addition as it pulls more moisture into the skin. "


Devorro, Spruce Holistic Esthetician -

"My Fall faves are all things mushroom powered. Microdosing is all the buzz but did you know there are plenty of other non psychedelic mushrooms with MAGICAL benefits. Rainbo has my favorite collection of mushroom tinctures whether you’re looking for more brain power (lions mane), energy (cordyceps), slowing down cellular aging (chaga), chilling out (Reishi) OR need all of the above (11:11). And for my alcohol free folks, Wooden Spoon Herbs’ has you covered with their magic mushroom tincture which has similar benefits as 11:11 but with a glycerin base!! You can do a lot with tinctures but if you want to keep it simple like me, just dose your morning cup of coffee or tea.


Brit, Spruce Apothecary Manager -

"As the sunshine leaves us and cooler days creep in, I find myself spending more time at home and investing in self care. As a new home owner, this fall season I plan to treat myself with the ultimate homebody gift featuring a few of my Spruce obsessions. First, I'll stock up on new Le Bon Shoppe colors. Our amazing clients raved about these socks so much that they quickly became a staple in my wardrobe. Then I'll indulge in the Moon Fire candle, Jolie Filtered Showerhead and a restock of my favorite hand cream by Salt & Stone. I often struggle with dry hands and scalp issues going into the winter months so I'm counting on this luxurious, dynamic duo to keep my skin hydrated through the season ahead!"



Beija, Spruce Apothecary Sales Associate -

"I get so much sun in the Summer so I can’t really commit to a retinol but I am now looking forward to continuing my Marie Veronique Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion. My skin takes a beating from all the sun, wind and dirt while out riding bikes and needs a moment to reset. I’ve also got such finicky skin and can only use products catered toward sensitive skin-types so it’s the perfect option and really the only option for me. As the weather changes, I’m leaning heavily on the Eminence Kombucha Microbiome Leave-On Masque for my nighttime cream. It’s soothing, balancing, and moisturizing - perfect for how imbalanced my skin gets as we transition to fall."


You can shop our fall favorites online or swing by the shop for some personalized recommendations from the Spruce team. 

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