Introducing Marie Veronique!

Introducing Marie Veronique!

 We are so honored to introduce Marie Veronique to you…

We at Spruce are so excited and honored to bring the extraordinary skincare line Marie Veronique into our Spruce Apothecary community! The creator Marie Veronique, is an esthetician, trained chemist, and former high school chemistry teacher.

In 2002 Marie was inspired to invent her own line of products when she could find no clean and effective products to address her own skin conditions. She went on to develop one of the first non-nano zinc oxide sunscreens, along with a line of products specifically for acne. Marie is informed by science and nature to lead the way in delivering safe yet effective skincare for all. Marie partners with her physicist and bio-medical engineer daughter, Jay Nadeau to carefully choose each ingredient that directly solves real skin issues at the source.

Cleansers, Mists, and a Tonic:

PURE + E.O. FREE OIL CLEANSER - Need a cleanser to take off the 12 layers of SPF you applied at the beach? This is the perfect cleanser for you - it gently removes debris, sunscreen, and makeup without disrupting the skin and leaving its natural oils intact. This cleanser is based on the principle “oil dissolves oil” as it is the gentlest and most effective way to deeply cleanse the skin! This cleanser is a dream and results in smoother, softer skin. Shop HERE.

TREATMENT CLEANSER - In need of a deep cleansing? We love this Treatment Cleanser for just that purpose! This cleanser effectively purifies with a creamy/milky/gel-like texture which never leaves your skin feeling dry. It works to clear clogged pores, boost ceramide production, and improve skin barrier function. We’re obsessed. Shop HERE.

PRE + PROBIOTIC DAILY MIST - A probiotic a day keeps your microbiome happy! This versatile mist refreshes, calms, and hydrates your skin. The Daily Mist contains probiotics to help the skin’s ecosystem thrive, coconut water to deeply hydrate, and anti-inflammatory properties take care of any irritation on the skin’s surface. Just as probiotics are good for your gut, they are also beneficial for your skin! Shop HERE.

TREATMENT MIST - Is your skin in need of a refresh? This mist is our go-to for skin that struggles with inflammation! The Treatment Mist is ideal for adult acne and hyperpigmentation because it delivers micronutrients directly to the source. You will notice a more even skin tone, with reduced redness. This mist will give your skin a much needed reset! Shop HERE.

BALANCING HYPOTONIC - We are obsessed with the Balancing HypoTonic! ​​An exceptional multitasker, this mist is the perfect balance between rehydrating and purifying the skin. This tonic’s blend of humectants balance the liquid/lipid content of the skin, apple cider vinegar balances pH, AHAs provide gentle benefits for acne prone skin, and pre/probiotics help maintain the skin’s microbiome. Shop HERE.


PROBIOTIC + EXFOLIATION MASK - Our dream 2-in-1, this mask gently exfoliates and provides a burst of hydration! Enjoy brighter, more supple skin after use while maintaining your skin’s natural microbiome. This mask does not contain glycolic acid which is approved for sensitive skin! Shop HERE.

MICRONUTRIENT + HYDRO MASK - Give your skin a refresh by delivering a burst of supernutrients directly to your skin! This mask restores your skin’s vital processes, revives dull skin, protects from free radical damage, and restores your skin’s barrier function. We recommend using this mask once a week for maximum benefits. Shop HERE.

Serums, Oils, Complexs and Treatments:

EYE REPAIR SERUM - Give your eyes some TLC with this soothing and strengthening Eye Repair Serum from Marie Veronique. This serum combines ingredients that reduce wrinkles, fine lines and reduce dark circles. As a bonus this serum is super strengthening, by lifting and firming the skin! Shop HERE.

INTENSIVE REPAIR SERUM - Support your skin with this strengthening gel! 💪The Intensive Repair Serum works to support the skin to prevent breakouts. You’ll notice balanced oil production, a decrease in inflammation, and decongested pores. It’s the best defense against chronic acne and breakouts, and it nourishes your skin by supplying missing micronutrients to the source. Love! Shop HERE.

BARRIER RESTORE SERUM - Did you know that when the pH of our acid mantle falls outside of its set range, the protective film on our skin can weaken? The Barrier Restore Serum helps repair our skin’s natural barrier so we can live with the best version of our skin! This serum helps maintain our barrier in two ways: keeps our skin cells hydrated, and seals in that hydration by trapping water molecules. Think of it as a tall glass of water… for your skin! Shop HERE.

GENTLE RETINOL NIGHT SERUM - While you’re catching some ZZZs this serum will be hard at work for you! The Gentle Retinol Night Serum boosts collagen and speeds cell turnover with Vitamin C and Retinol. As a bonus this serum also clears breakouts and problem areas. This serum contains the same effect as Retin-A products but without irritation. Shop HERE.

VITAMINS C+E+FERULIC SERUM - All day dual protection? Sign us up! This serum provides all of the antioxidants your skin needs for the day, and gives you a boost of collagen by night. This combination of Vitamins C+E+Ferulic Acid protect against the sun & free radicals throughout your day. After you’ve returned home from an afternoon of running a million errands, Vitamin C + Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate (Vitamin C derivative) help rebuild collagen while you're catching those ZZZs. Let’s do it all over again tomorrow! Shop HERE.

SOOTHING B3 SERUM - Niacinimide - also known as B3 - helps maintain the skin’s natural barrier and is a hero ingredient in our humble opinion! No matter what climate you live in, or if you're a frequent flier, this B3 Serum will protect your skin from any reactions from extreme weather conditions. This dreamy B3 Serum goes on like a gel that gives an even & natural glow, and calms redness without leaving a sticky residue. Shop HERE.

REDNESS RELIEF SERUM - Feeling like your skin needs a quick time out? We get it - this is a super-effective serum for calming inflammation and irritation on the skin! We recommend this serum for its micronutrients and probiotic blend delivered right to where you need it most.  Shop HERE.

C-THERAPY SERUM - You may know of Vitamin C for its immunity boosting properties, but did you know it is also a crucial part of your skincare routine? The C-Therapy Serum naturally promotes collagen production, reduces hyperpigmentation, reduces frequency of breakouts and protects against sun damage. Use this alongside your favorite SPF for ultra sun protection while giving your skin the nourishment it needs. Shop HERE.

BARRIER LIPID COMPLEX - We obsess over the nerdy details that go into your skincare - we can’t wait for you to get your hands on this! Lipids are an essential part of your skin’s health and the most effective ones for maintaining your complexion are ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids. These three components help maintain youthful & plump skin, moisturize, and balance your skin’s natural microbiome. Shop HERE.

TREATMENT OIL - Did you know that oil dissolves other oils and clears congestion more effectively than other exfoliation methods? It penetrates the skin to break up particles and blockages other ingredients cannot easily reach. This oil clears and decongests while regulating sebum production, and tea tree acts as an antiseptic. We love this oil because it reduces inflammation and strengthens the skin’s natural barrier to retain moisture. Shop HERE.

Not sure which product to buy? We get it. These products sure are "science-y" - and so effective. We recommend scheduling a skincare consultation with one of our experienced holistic estheticians to get personalized recommendations.