Founder's Story

Founder's Story

I personally see our mission as helping people feel their most vibrant selves. 

-Jenn Kenner, Spruce Esthetician and Cofounder

Founded and curated by holistic estheticians:

Spruce Founders,Tiann Stubberfield and Jenn Kenner were brought together by a mutual commitment to clean esthetics, holistic healing practices and building community. With a combined experience of 35+ years as estheticians, Jenn and Tiann sought to create an intentional space where they could offer their services and “foster authentic connections, educate clients and provide a naturally comprehensive approach to skin health and well-being.” 

This commitment has informed every facet of Spruce’s online and physical storefront, from the brands and products offered to the services provided. Along with their established and talented team, Jenn and Tiann focus on conscious consumerism and have thoughtfully and thoroughly integrated their aligned values and business principles.

“Spruce Apothecary is so special because we are both seasoned and extremely knowledgeable holistic estheticians. It’s not just a cute shop, it is an intentional space. We want all humans to have a place to come as they are, no matter where they are, and easily navigate our world of skincare and wellness.”  - Jenn

Commitment to holistic health and the earth: 

Both the online and West Seattle shop shelves are stocked with products personally selected by Jenn and Tiann, specifically chosen for the mindful consumer. As business owners whose work is informed and inspired by the natural world, they understand the need for transparency in both ingredients and production practices. 

“Even if one can’t see or feel the cumulative repercussions of the cosmetics/personal care products they are using, it can greatly impact overall health. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of known carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, and other extremely questionable ingredients allowed by the FDA in cosmetics. For instance, over 11,000 ingredients have been banned in EU in cosmetics, and out of those 11,000, the US has banned only around a dozen. Unfortunately the industry is extremely problematic. Since there is very limited regulation, it is up to the consumer to navigate, and that is a really difficult thing to expect people to do. We made it our mission to ensure Spruce’s curated selection of products are good for everyone and Mother Earth.”- Jenn

“We have worked very hard as a team to create intentional relationships with all product lines we carry. There’s a lot of misinformation in the beauty and skincare space. At Spruce we choose to align ourselves with brands, small makers, and businesses that are in harmony with our ethos.” -  Tiann

Focus on inclusive community: 

To feel like your most vibrant self, one must feel free to be their authentic self. Jenn and Tiann want all who shop at Spruce to find something that makes them feel honored and seen. 

“We want to be a part of the change in narratives surrounding how we approach beauty in our daily lives by celebrating diversity and recognizing beauty is not a one size fits all standard or approach.” - Tiann