Did you know? +10% off!

Did you know? +10% off!

Did you know?

Did you know that many of your beauty and makeup empties are not typically recyclable in your curbside recycling? Even if you put them in your curbside recycling bin they end up in the landfill!

Let's talk about Hopeful Recycling...

Hopeful recycling is putting something in your recycling bin hoping that it will be recycled, when in reality it is garbage. Being unsure as to whether something is truly recyclable curbside or not and just hoping that you are correct. Because you would rather at least try than throw something away that is recyclable, right!? Wrong!

When something is in the recycling bin that is not recyclable, it is known as a contaminant. It jams the machines, slows down the process, and can make whole loads of the recycling end up in the landfill.

How to avoid this? Learn exactly what you can and cannot recycle in your area.

When in doubt - look it up!

Our favorite tool to lookup what is and what isn’t recyclable curbside in Seattle:
Where Does It Go A-Z

What are we doing to make a difference?

We are partnering with TerraCycle on their in-store collection program to divert hard-to-recycle beauty packaging from the landfill.

TerraCycle sets out to create first-of-their-kind solutions to tackle the waste crisis from a number of different angles—from recycling the hard-to-recycle to integrating recycled materials into new products and beyond.

How to recycle with Spruce + TerraCycle:

When you are finished with your beauty products, clean them out as much as possible, rinse them, and let them dry.

Bring them to our retail space: 4156 California Ave SW Seattle WA 98116

Our retail staff will help you recycle your empties!

We can accept 5 items per customer at a time.

We can accept:

  • Dropper bottles (ex: serums and oils)
  • Bottles with pumps and dispensers (ex: lotions and cleansers)
  • Bottles with spray nozzles and triggers (ex: toners)
  • Cosmetic packaging such as mascara tubes and wands, makeup compacts, concealer tubes and sticks, lip balm tubes, lipstick and lip gloss tubes and applicators, non-wooden eyeliner pencils.
  • Glass jars, tubs, bottles, and containers smaller than 3 inches.
  • Plastic jars, tubs, bottles, and containers smaller than 3 inches.
  • Dark colored glass and plastic.

Please continue recycling the following at home:

  • Cardboard - including the cardboard boxes your products come in. Make sure they are clean! Cardboard contaminated with products or food is garbage or compost.
  • Plastic jugs, tubs, and containers larger than 3 inches. Must be cleaned. (ex: shampoo and conditioner bottles, detergent jugs)
  • Glass bottles, jars, and containers larger than 3 inches. Must be cleaned. (ex: lotion jars and vitamin jars)
  • Lids and caps can be recycled as long as they are attached to a container of the same material.

Please do not bring in:

  • Electronics, wooden eyeliner pencils, nail polish bottles or nail polish remover, any aerosols or pressurized cans, broken glass, any biohazardous materials.
  • Anything that can be recycled curbside!


  • Unexpired or unopened makeup may be donated to certain organizations - particularly women’s or family shelters. Contact a shelter near you to see if they will accept your unused makeup.
  • Bag loose makeup and seal it before placing it in the garbage.
  • If a container and its lid are made of different materials, such as a glass jar with a metal lid, always separate them and dispose of them accordingly. For example: Plastic lids can always be recycled when screwed onto a plastic bottle. Lids that are over 3 inches and are a different material can be recycled loose. If the lid is of a different material than the jar and is smaller than 3 inches, it cannot be recycled curbside.


Bring in three empties and receive 10% off your same-day purchase!

This discount cannot be combined with any other offers. In store only. For a limited time. This discount is valid on product purchases. This discount is not valid on gift cards or services. Same day use only.