by Juliette Laura June 21, 2021 2 min read

Happy Pride Month from all of us at Spruce to you! We are celebrating today by highlighting some of our retail partners that are a part of the LGBTQ+ community!

Patrick (he/they) the founder, perfumer, and CEO of Sigil, makes the most divine, ethereal, gender-neutral fragrances.

100% natural fragrances, that feel intimate and evocative... you’ll never want to go without again. 
Alder New York
Nina and David, the founders of Alder New York create uncomplicated, genderless, design-forward (which y’all know we love), vegan skincare and lifestyle products.
Our current crush? Their soap dishes - durable yet plastic-free and completely biodegradable. A work of innovation and art.
West Seattle Island Co.
Friend of the shop and founder Kenny (he/him) designed the most on-the-nose lifestyle brand... West Seattle Island Co. Because we don’t need a bridge, we have each other.
Gloria Noto (she/they) created the most radical, high-performance, gender-fluid, multi-use, sustainable, and vegan skincare line that we truly can’t get enough of - NOTO.
When we talk about ingredient integrity and efficacy, and the purest eco-luxe plant-based skincare, this is what we mean. Bee rigorously and transparently sources and tests every ingredient in every product she creates. These are Spruce best-sellers and staff favorites for good reason.
Friend of Spruce Apothecary, Ty (he/him) is the founder of Intentionally Blank, our favorite shoe brand among the staff here at Spruce. And while we don’t carry his always-on-trend footwear, we DO carry his baseball caps.
Those witty hats in our storefront? From “Fun Mom”, to “A Little Bit Alexis” to the straightforward “Vaccinated” - all Intentionally Blank. This brand truly captures the playful and cheeky spirit of Spruce!
Chad Wentzel Made
Chad (he/him) makes the most incredible art. The Chad Wentzel Made wrapped crystals are a mainstay here at Spruce, with customers and staff alike commenting on how they “feel drawn to them” and how they can truly feel the good energy. These intentionally made works of art are available in-store.

And visit us HERE!

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