Brighter, tighter, smoother skin? Meet our new service!

Brighter, tighter, smoother skin? Meet our new service!

We are so excited to share our newest service at Spruce with you all! 
Introducing… The DermaPen Microneedling Facial!

The benefits of DermaPen Microneedling include:
- Reduction of find lines and wrinkles
- Fading of acne and surgical scars
- Reduction of pigmentation / melasma
- Minimizes pores
- Smooths skin texture

How’s it work!?
- Microneedling with the DermaPen works by creating micro-injuries which will trigger the growth of fibroblast cells, stimulating the production of collagen resulting in plumper and smoother-looking skin. 
- Microneedling helps the skin repair itself after experiencing physical damage (such as cuts or scars) by replacing old, damaged tissue with fresh collagen. 
- The depth of the needles is adjustable and this allows for a treatment customized to your unique needs!
- Gives you rejuvenated skin with minimal discomfort and with little downtime!
- Studies show that treating the skin with four sessions of DermaPen Microneedling spaced one month apart produced up to a 400% increase in collagen & elastin within 6 months of the last treatment!

Who is this service for?:
Anyone! Anyone who wants to see a reduction in fine lines, to fade scars, and renew the appearance of their overall skin texture and complexion.

Who should skip this service?
Anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding or sunburnt. Anyone who has active acne and cold sores, anyone who has severe eczema, dermatitis, or hypersensitive skin. Anyone with keloid scars. Anyone with a fungal infection. Anyone who is immunosuppressed or autoimmune.

Let’s talk pricing!
- $225 per session, with a minimum of 4-6 weeks time in between each session.
- SAVE 10% Best results are seen after 5 sessions. Book a 5 session package to receive 10% off each service!

How to book!?
- You can book the DermaPen Microneedling Facial with any of our trained holistic estheticians through the link below!
- A complimentary Microneedling Consultation is required prior to booking. This can be in-store or virtually.

Prior to your appointment:
- 12 hours prior to treatment: no auto-immune therapies or products.
- 24 hours prior to treatment: avoid sun exposure/burns.
- Folks with facial hair can shave day-of or 24 hours in advance.
- No Botox treatment 1 week prior.
- 4-5 days prior to treatment: discontinue use of Retinoids and Retin-A products.
- Wait 2 weeks post dermal fillers (Juvaderm, Restylane, etc).
- Wait 1 Month before or after laser treatment (such as IPL, Chemical Peels or Microderm).
- 6 months prior: stop using Accutane (Isotretinoin).