by Shelby Clary March 27, 2023 2 min read

 What is your skin barrier?

You can think of your skin barrier as your personal bodyguard from all of the harmful environmental stressors sent our way.💪 Did you know that the barrier layer of our skin protects us from bacteria, viruses, UV light, pollution and more? It can also help regulate moisture levels which leaves our skin feeling balanced, nourished and healthy.

How can I support my skin barrier?

Our barrier layer is pretty incredible but it still needs a helping hand to perform at its best! While fighting off all these environmental stressors your skin barrier can breakdown and that is where a little assist may be needed. 

As licensed holistic estheticians, when working with our client community, we continue to see more instances of skin disorders that trace back to a breakdown of barrier function. 

The good news is - the solution to supporting your skin barrier might be simpler than you think! Some simple first steps are; staying hydrated, daily movement for circulation and consuming foods rich in healthy oils, minerals and antioxidants. The next steps are adding barrier supportive products into your skincare routine. Here are some of our #spruceapproved products that we love and highly recommend:


marie veronique 

Barrier Restore Serum Marie Veronique's Barrier Restore Serum is a Spruce favorite and for good reason, too! This serum supports our barrier layer in two ways; it keeps our skin cells hydrated and seals in the hydration by trapping water molecules. Think of it as a tall glass of water for your skin!💦

the nue co

Barrier Culture Moisturizer The Nue Co Barrier Culture Moisturizer formula targets repairing and rebuilding your skin health. Its key ingredients include ceramides and probiotics that strengthen the skin's natural defenses, giving us that extra hand for a strong skin barrier.

marie veronique

Barrier Lipid Complex Another amazing product from Marie Veronique! Lipids are a key component to your skin's health and effective at maintaining youthful and plump skin, retaining moisture and balancing your skin's natural microbiome. (basically everything to help support your barrier layer!)


You can seek more advice and information from our holistic estheticians and you can shop these products through this post, on our site or in person!


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