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Mount Lai

The Vitality Qi LED Gua Sha Device

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Contains: one LED Gua Sha Device, one protective felt pouch, and one charging cable

Combining the powerful healing effects of Traditional Chinese Medicine and contemporary scientific therapies of red LED light, Mount Lai offers the stunning and intensively-healing Vitality Qi LED Gua Sha Device. Providing both facial massage, lymphatic drainage, and tension release, the additional red light therapy targets dark spots, fine lines and wrinkles, while providing some heat to help with extra lymphatic drainage and healing. 

Red LED 660 nm wavelength | Heat 107-113 degrees F | Energy 32mW/cm2 | White Jade is the stone of pure vitality and energy, used specifically for Mount Lai’s advanced line of tools.

#SpruceApproved: AAPI Owned. Woman Owned. Esthetician Owned. Rooted in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Carbon Neutral. 


Begin with clean skin, we recommend using your preferred facial oil

Use this tool at least 10-20 minutes daily at the end of your nightly routine. Target the areas you think need the most attention.



Improves blood circulation

Reduces puffiness and inflammation of skin

Promotes lymphatic drainage

Relieves facial and jaw tension

Targets dark spots

Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

*Our suggested use is indirectly quoted from Mount Lai’s website

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The Vitality Qi LED Gua Sha Device
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