Joshua Tree Essential Oil Blend

Norden’s inspiration for this transportive, healing scent: The open plains of Joshua Tree, CA. Dotted with enormous boulders, cacti, and the strange trees that give the region its name, Joshua Tree has always attracted artists, visionaries, and those who are drawn to the harsh landscape and all of its peculiarities. 

#SpruceApproved:Couple-owned. Southern-California-based. USA-made. Handmade. Clean. Non-toxic. Most candles are 100% essential oil-based. Recyclable/reusable packaging.


A complex mix of dry, woody hinoki (a lemony, Japanese cypress), resinous juniper, eucalyptus, and herbal desert plant life.


Put a few drops in your diffuser or blend with a carrier oil. 


100% Natural Essential Oil Blend. Custom blended and packaged in California.