The Filtered Showerhead

Offered in four different colors, Jet Black, Brushed Steel, Modern Chrome, and Brushed Gold, this both stunning and efficacious shower head will filter out pesky pesky minerals and whatever else might be floating around those pipes so you can be sure every single shower you take is with water that will support your skin’s microbiome. Face that shower head! Put your face in the water! Jolie’s got your back baby! We do sell the replacement shower heads, so when you’re ready come on by and grab one! Each filter should last about every 90 days, so give us a call honey we’ll hook it up. 

#SpruceApproved: Sustainably-packaged. Microbiome friendly. Gender-neutral.


1.56lbs, 5.3' diameter, 5.4' long


1 Jolie Filtered Showerhead and 1 preinstalled Filter
1 Jolie "Tiny but Mighty" wrench
1 Jolie "Cutest Tape in the World" plumbers tape
1 Jolie “how to” guide...
1 Jolie letter from us to you


Using a proprietary blend of KDF-55 and Calcium Sulfite