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ION* Gut Support

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Our guts display their health on the outside and often with our mood. ION*’s Guy Support supplement is an incredibly easy way to get your tummy under control. It strengthens the lining of our guts which is often inundated with whatever it is we’re throwing at it. So combat that and strengthen your tummy back up with just 3 teaspoons a day. It’s that easy!


#SpruceApproved: Glyphosate free. Gluten free. BPA free. Made in the USA. Recycled packaging. Microbiome friendly.



Ingest 1 teaspoon 3x a day. Do so by blending into smoothies, drinking with water or your morning beverage of choice.



 Slightly mineral-rich water, not a strong taste at all




HUMIC EXTRACT (FULVATE): US-sourced from ancient soil, contains a blend of bacteria that is agreeable with our skin and ultimately builds a healthier skin barrier




Humic Extract (Fulvate), Purified Water

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ION* Gut Support
ION* Gut Support
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