Hiba Wood Atmosphere Mist

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This room spray is a special combination of distilled water and hiba essential oil, which is only found in the 300-year-old Aomori Hiba trees from Aomori, Japan. These durable, rot-resistant trees are revered for their antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, insect-repelling, and odor-eliminating qualities, so not only does this spray smell amazing, but it’s super cleansing and effective on fighting the causes of odor, too!


The spray has a uniquely citrusy and cider-like fragrance that is purifying, uplifting, and stimulating. 


Spritz to your heart’s content. (But avoid use during pregnancy.)


Aomori Hiba Oil and Distilled Water.

Note: Hiba essential oils are extracted from the wood waste of mature trees through vapor distillation, so no trees are harmed in the making of this distinctive spray.



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