Regularity Relief

Quarantine eating have you feeling a little less "regular"? This packet contains a blend of magnesium citrate and marshmallow root to work as an osmatic laxative, meaning that it helps move along the digestion process naturally by drawing water to the colon, softening stools, and coating the digestive tract to help with upset like ulcers and constipation. Unlike other traditional, habit-forming options that upset your nervous system, Regularity Relief will not slow down your digestion due to use or cause bloating or other nasty side effects. Gentle on your gut, and effective within 1-3 days!

#SpruceApproved: Woman-owned. Transparent. Trustworthy. Effective. Non-toxic. 100% Vegan. Cruelty-free. Blends science and natural innovation. Clinically proven, responsibly sourced, non-toxic ingredients. Utilizes best practices from Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. 95% recyclable, but actively working on the other 5%!


Mix one packet into a small serving of hot water, allow to fizz and dissolve, then drink. Use daily at nighttime for best results. (Also, pairs nicely with Debloat+!)


Calories: 5 per serving

Magnesium: 350 mg (83% daily value)

Marshmallow root power: 125 mg

Magnesium citrate (created from magnesium carbonate and citric acid during effervescence), marshmallow root, silica.