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Prebiotic + Probiotic

We agree with Nue Co. when they say that everything starts with a healthy gut. And that includes the radiance and health of your skin! This vegan, shelf-stable capsule is packed with 15 billion spores per serving and was specially formulated to target symptoms of IBS or long-term digestive issues to improve overall gut health, fight bloating, and ward of unwanted germs.

So, what exactly is the difference between a prebiotic and a probiotic, you ask? Nue Co. uses a handy garden metaphor to showcase their symbiotic relationship: If you think of probiotic bacteria as a seed, the prebiotic is a fertilizer: it encourages the good bacteria to grow and multiply, giving it the best chance of survival in your gut.

#SpruceApproved:Woman-owned. Transparent. Trustworthy. Effective. Non-toxic. 100% Vegan. Cruelty-free. Blends science and natural innovation. Clinically proven, responsibly sourced, non-toxic ingredients. Utilizes best practices from Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. 95% recyclable, but actively working on the other 5%!


Take 3 capsules with water, morning or night.


Calories: 5 per 5g serving

Total Carbohydrate: 1g (1% of daily value)

Bacilus coagulans: 999 mg

Organic inulin: 1.17 g

Organic Inulin, Probiotic Lactospore ® Powder (Baccillus coagulans)

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