Joshua Tree Ceramic Candle

Handpoured in California, this coconut & apricot wax blend candle is fragranced with 100% essential oils so it not only smellsgreat, but it doesn’t contribute to indoor air pollution! Plus, we think the hand thrown vessel is lust-worthy all on its own.

#SpruceApproved: Couple-owned. Southern-California-based. USA-made. Handmade. Clean. Non-toxic. Most candles are 100% essential oil-based. Recyclable/reusable packaging.


Hinoki. Juniper. Eucalyptus. 

Smells like:Deep wood tones. Bright herbal notes. Eucalyptus.


Approximately 80 hours.


Raw speckled finish + white speckled interior glaze hand-thrown stoneware.

Wash out and reuse after burning! Makes a great coffee mug. (Or anything mug!)