Nectar Nourishing Face Oil

The word nectar was originally made to describe a kind of nourishment so perfect it caused the gods to thrive, rejoicing in their immortality. Any mortal who could obtain a sip of this potent living liquid would find life eternal. Néktar (greek νέκταρ), meaning to overcome death, is a potent healer which encourages cell renewal, scavenges free-radicals and effortlessly moisturizes with nourishment fit for the gods.

NECTAR isn’t just for the gods… it’s for your beautiful face! Moisturize in perfect harmony when you use NECTAR Nourishing Face Oil immediately after our Pollen Illuminating Mist. You’ll be creating the perfect blend of hydration and moisturization that brings out the beauty in every skin type. With a symbiotic blend of cold-pressed plant oils and steam-distilled essential oils that are antibacterial, anti-fungal, cell-regenerative, astringent and brightening, daily use of this oil will balance your complexion while providing all the nourishment your skin needs from the outside in. Its scent is fresh and sweet, lingering just long enough to awaken the senses.

#SpruceApproved: Woman-owned. Locally based out of Spokane, WA. Impeccably sourced and produced. Organic ingredients. Non-GMO. Recyclable packaging. 


While skin is still damp from cleansing or toning, apply several drops to palm using fingers to gently massage into face and neck. Customize to your skin’s unique needs by simply adding or subtracting a few drops. The warmth from this repetitive motion brings nutrient-rich blood to the surface of the skin, which encourages cell turnover and leads to the production of collagen. May use morning + night. 


  • JOJOBA + SQUALANE OILS - reaches deep into pores without leaving a greasy residue
  • CALENDULA + CHAMOMILE - soothes and calms irritated skin
  • ARGAN OIL - smoothes the appearance of fine lines
  • ROSEHIP SEED OIL - full of essential fatty acids, superstar when it comes to fighting the signs of aging
  • BAOBOB + MACADEMIA NUT OILS - rich and plumping, all that your skin could need for a full day of moisture


Jojoba Oil*, Argan Oil*, Baobab Oil*, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Squalane (olive derived), Raspberry Seed CO2*,  Macadamia Nut Oil*, Mixed Tocopherols (Non-GMO Vitamin E), Calendula*, Chamomile*, Essential Oils Of: Grapefruit*, Geranium*, Carrot Seed CO2*, Frankincense, Helichrysum*, Sea Buckthorn CO2*, Ylang-Ylang*, Rosemary Antioxidant CO2*

*Certified Organic