The Full Moon

Adaptogens for everything! This goody box contains two each of every Moon Juice adaptogenic blend (12 sachets in all):

  • Beauty Dust ®:  helps combat accelerated aging, improve skin clarity, and protect from free radicals
  • Brain Dust ®:helps support focus, mental stamina, and concentration
  • Sex Dust ®: helps support healthy hormonal balance for creative energy, in & out of the bedroom
  • Power Dust ®: helps restore energy, promote recovery and support a healthy immune system
  • Spirit Dust ®: helps increase resistance to tension and irritability, and helps calm and elevate mood
  • Dream Dust ®: helps increase resistance to stress and tension, and promotes deep, restful sleep

#SpruceApproved:Woman-owned. California-based. Clinically tested bioactive and bioavailable ingredients. 100% toxin-free. Cruelty-free. Endocrine-disruptor-free. Vegan (except for Beauty Dust, which contains pearl.) Gluten-free. Non-GMO. No fillers.


Blend 1 sachet in liquid of choice per serving. The herbal and earthy flavors pair well with coffee, tea, and smoothies – take your pick! As you grow more comfortable with the herbs and how they affect your body, you may mix-and-match sachets as desired.


SeeMoon Juice for full ingredient lists.