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Something For A Mini Rehab

Something for a Mini Rehab capsules are to be taken before you drink to help protect and support your liver so you wake up hangover-free (or close to it!). Milk thistle, artichoke, and choline all work together to promote normal liver function, break down alcohol-based toxins, and restore lost vitamins and minerals. Take two of these before a night out (or in!) and drink up, buttercup! You’ll feel great in the morning.

#SpruceApproved: Family-owned and operated. Mineral- and vegetable-based. Chemical-free. Vegan. GMO-free. Refined-sugar-free. Gluten-free. Lactose-free.


Take two capsules before drinking. [Package contains 10 capsules total.]


Milk thistle extract, artichoke extract, dandelion exract, black radish extract, boldo extract, rosemary extract, zinc gluconate, choline bitartrate, fumitory extract, manganese gluconate, inositol, hydroxypropyl methylcellulos.

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