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Nurture My Skin Adaptogen Blend

We at Spruce believe that the most effective skincare routine is one that nourishes from the inside out. This dermatologist-approved, skin-brightening herbal blend does exactly that! Its combination of anti-inflammatory and fortifying herbs helps support an even and smooth skin tone, promotes youthful, elastic skin, and helps clear the way to a luminous and dewy glow. Plus, we love its warm, peppery taste, too.

#SpruceApproved:BIPOC-owned. Woman-owned. Seattle-based. Science-based. Trustworthy/high-standard ingredient-sourcing. 


  • ROSEHIPS - protects against hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, improves skin moisture and elasticity
  • ASTRAGALUS - soothes allergic and inflamed skin while protecting against photo-aging associated with UV damage
  • TURMERIC - potent anti-inflammatory,brightens appearance of skin for a radiant complexion and helps decrease acne and UV damage
  • CORDYCEPS - decreases fatigue, increases physical endurance, and protects skin against UV damage

Note:Peak + Valley uses only the fruiting body (not mycelium) for all of their mushroom extracts. Their cordyceps extract contains over 25% Beta-D-Glucans. 


This warm, spiced blend has a peppery and earthy taste that pairs well with smoothies, citrus juices, and milks. Use 1 tsp per serving. 


Nurture My Skin Proprietary Blend: Turmeric Root Powder, Astragalus Root Powder, Cordyceps Mushroom Extract*, Rosehips Powder, Angelicae Sinesis, Black Pepper Powder*.


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